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Digital Solutions

The Digital Divide and Enlivening Rural Prosperity

In Liberia, “HAVALAH” strives to employ modern technologies to promote equality for people in marginalized areas. HAVALAH appreciates the huge potential of digitization but realizes that it is hindered by illiteracy—especially digital literacy. Furthermore, continued difficulty in securing cheap power sources is also a major issue that has been outstanding for some time now.

The roles of HAVALAH in Liberia are duo. Firstly, our team seeks to design affordable innovations geared towards large-scale deployment of renewables in off-grid zones. The initiative will also lead to improvement in the citizens’ living, as well as increase their working ability. To bridge the energy loophole, we shall enable the community to make use of maximum digital instruments that lead to promoting socio-economic development.

Conclusively, HAVALAH, Liberia aims at narrowing the information gap as well as enhancing development within rural areas. This demonstrates our will to ensure the creation of a better world with equal opportunities for its residents, especially in undeveloped areas. By doing this together, the Liberians would build a better connected, more empowered, and economically stronger nation.