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Clean Energy

Solar Power in Support of Sustainable Development for Liberia

The world has been undergoing an unprecedented transformation towards carbon-free energy resources, and Havalah Liberia is at the center of this change. As we face the imminent exhaustion of petroleum supplies and growing awareness about ozone depletion, the use of solar power has emerged as an important option. There is a growing worldwide push towards clean energy driven by The Paris Agreement; an internationally legally binding treaty on climate change that was signed by 196 states in 2015.

The world push has led to many countries funding for solar energy industry

The increasing global enthusiasm for this movement has created a huge wave of investment in solar power.
To exploit this burgeoning sector, Havalh Liberia looks for backing from highly respected overseas agencies. We are more concerned about the technical part of solar energy by giving training opportunities to young engineers and installing solar power systems to bring electricity to our areas. The initiative will not only improve the lives of Liberians but will also promote sustainability in development.

Our specialists at Havalah Liberia are determined to pass on detailed information about solar power to the coming generations. The practice of education and professional knowledge will not only meet the need for energy but also bring hope to our nation. Participate in bringing light to Liberia through solar-powered electricity as we move into an enlightened world that embraces life’s sustainability.