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Havalah, Liberia

Digital Solutions . Clean Energy . Agriculture/Climate Change

Havalah, Liberia is incorporated as a nonprofit organization set up to provide innovative solutions and services across Liberia to under privileged, off-grid, and offsite communities with focus on the most vulnerable.

Our team at Havalah, Liberia comprised of specialized professionals that bring a whole lots of wealth of experience to the job. Be it in the field of computer skills, imparting knowledge in vocational training and home economics and most recent solar power engineering knowledge, we stand out to be the best among the rest.

Our technical staffs are able to impart knowledge which can be used for livelihoods improvements in the short and long terms. Liberia being a country of diverse culture and ethnic backgrounds, we have instituted mechanisms to ensure that our objectives are achieved by incorporating basic skills into our systems that cut-across these diverse regions for the benefit of all Liberians. Ensure to bring everyone together under one umbrella that brings in the spirit of unity and one mindset.

Basically, Havalah is a digital platform that also focuses on recent technological advances in the area of computer engineering and solar power development. Kids are encouraged to take courses in these fields to enhance their learning skills.

What we do

Our Core Activities

Digital Solutions

The fast-emerging field of mobile technologies holds immense potential for introducing new technologies in financial, social, and civil services for Liberians, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Clean Energy

Clean energy options are underway in Havalah, Liberia as a means of promoting sustainable practices while reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Emphasis will be put on producing renewable clean energy like solar panels in rural Liberia.

Agro & Climate

Havalah, Liberia is addressing climate change impacts on agriculture through sustainable practices and adaptation strategies. Food security is a major concern for many households that are struggling to stay afloat during these uncertain climate changes.